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Pass the Test

January 16, 2012

 ”On no account let them escape,” “Let them not escape by iniquity” (Ps 56:7 NIV,KJV)
Escape by iniquity…isn’t this the only way it’s done? The thief escapes the police by racing full-speed down the city streets; the disobedient child avoids the hand of discipline by fibbing. But here the Word of God through David speaks out, [...]

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“For where there is remission of sins…” (Heb 10:18)
Summers would bring it out: I realized the role of young mothering was becoming more binding upon me than even my own child status before God. The demeanor of scolding and correcting was overshadowing my whole countenance. Sternness was becoming the environment I was living within. I [...]

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Holding Back

January 5, 2012

With all the Lord granted in 2011 alongside the unknown of 2012 looming ahead, we decided we ourselves needed a full night of seeking and prayer, so would offer our congregation the sanctuary as well for the night of New Year’s Eve dawning into the New Year.
The personal quest of the night ahead came from [...]

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