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Monthly Archive September, 2008

Untrained about Relationship

September 1, 2008

Though people may sometimes point to certain ones and/or gender as being more relationship-oriented, we all realize how untrained we are about “relationship” when it applies to encountering our awesome Creator. Our most intimate and revealing relationships reflect this. How we live one is how we live the other. There is an awkwardness and ignorance [...]

Lasting Love, Right Relationships - 3 Comments


“that the world may know that You…have loved them AS You have loved Me” (Jn 17:23)
“I will BE to Him a Father, and He will BE to Me a Son” (Heb 1:5)
“As I was with Moses, so will I be with you” (Joshua 1:5)
How close is close? It seems we can think of God as [...]

Lasting Love, Right Relationships - 4 Comments