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Monthly Archive September, 2011

Be My

September 13, 2011

Be My
I have been noticing places throughout the Psalms expressing “be my [rock, fortress, defender]” “be Thou my strong rock” (Ps 31:2).
When God came to Moses as “I am that I am,” all being was made evident in Him. All existence is of Him. All being is from Him. All things hold together by His [...]

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A Newcomer to Cool Harbor Battlefield

September 12, 2011

I entered these wooded, carved battlegrounds with such childlike thoughts of naivete. How could a soldier entering this large area for battling find any argument/cause/issue/disagreement worthy (that could be solved in a room) to give up his life? 18,000 did just that in this very spot. All any of us have is [...]

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Making Friends with the Voice of God

September 3, 2011

Right on the heels of turbulences ending with last week’s Irene, it was not so easy to read Psalms 29. The Psalmist saw the Voice of the Lord splitting the cedars of Lebanon with such force as to make them skip away like a calf or a young wild ox. The Voice [...]

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