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Canon, the Trail of Human Existence?

Written on February 7, 2013

Let me know if I am on base with this:

The Canon on Scripture follows two general bookends. It begins Genesis, Creation, the beginning and ends with Revelation, the culmination, the End. The pathway through the passages/verses/ books of its pages generally follows the trail of humankind’s mortal experience from beginning to the ending age.

The Law emerges in the OT, yet glimpses of Grace come in, too, i.e., David’s knowledge that blessed is the man whose sins are forgiven in the Psalms (cf. Rom 4). It all points to the Plan and the Redeemer coming.

Jesus appears. His words and life deal with the bridging of “the law coming through Moses, BUT grace and truth came through Jesus Christ (John 1).” Law to Grace and Truth. His earth-time Words and teaching extend to the End of time (Matt 24 and 25). His Words in the Gospels too bring in words of the Law, yet He interprets them with the NEW ORDER, the new righteousness, which is higher than the Law. He dies on the Cross and is Resurrected, becomes our Righeousness and baptises the Church with the Holy Spirit.

Acts of the Apostles, great acts by the Holy Spirit.

Conversion of Paul unfolds and his revelation as a man of the Law into the PURE and FREE Grace of Jesus apart from works. Romans, Colossians, Ephesians seem the FLOWER of civilization with the blossom of Grace apart from works revealed and expressed. Glorious and visions of the Age to come.

As we move further in the pages of the Epistles of Canon, there is Grace. More accountability, though, begins to be God-breathed for what we have done with Grace. James – test the work of grace by works. 1 John clearly brings us to account that the practicing of sin reveals we are not children of God. Hebrews (lest we let it slip), 2 Peter 2 and 3, Jude, 2 John…have a tone with the theme of Accountability and retribution even for the one who says they embrace Christ. Warnings increase. There is more ‘threat” in the terms of following Christ, if we truly ARE Christ’s own. The age of the End is coming nearer.

Revelation, the End book. By the Churches in Revelation 3, Jesus is speaking to the actions resulting in these churches. Actually, not much talk of faith and grace by this time but the FRUIT of what true Grace has/is revealing/producing in them NOW.

Am I off on this? Does it make sense that as the tinge of the End of the age starts pulsating, the rightful threat in the proclaimed/preached/taught Word must increase as well?

(Tell me where I am wrong on this.)

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