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Has “if” of our Actions Been Removed?

Written on January 3, 2013

The gracious Gardener of Genesis gave His human the chance to be wonderfully and fearfully formed and to draw breath. Even more, He gave that human a chance to give Him pleasure in a relationship, one that could “applaud Him, soothe Him, stroke Him (Ps 117:2).”

The Old Testament perhaps highlighted mostly clearly in De 28 speaks in a conditional/if sense of fellowship since humans ruptured that chance of freely moving with the Loving Creator. One might still have fellowship and blessings, but the determining factor was “if, if you obey…” Please see vss 1 and 15.

There had to be such a sigh of relief as the requirements of His Law that none could attain were completed in the Beloved Lord Jesus. We were now joined to Him, righteousness included, One Spirit and so bound together that nothing can separate us from the love of God which in Christ Jesus the Lord (Rom 8:31-39).

So has “if” (whether, provided that, unless, except you, should you, as surely as you)…of our actions now been removed?

Our land is bearing under the weight and repulsion in almost every neighborhood, every committee, every family, every church, every office, every workplace marred by the behavior of one speaking belief in Jesus. This could be the greatest single plague of our land truly.

Francis Chan, David Platte, Paul Washer among a few have arisen to seemingly reinsert the “if” into the ears of the American professing Church. There is a warning by one’s fruit…if truly we are a child of God. Is John saying in 1 John that the practice of sin keeps one from being a child of God or that the fact of not truly being a child of God issues in the practice of sin?

There seems to be a conditional quality Voiced upon the Seven Churches of Revelation (cf 2:5,2:26,3:3).

Can we accurately assess this in-between day of grace of many conversions and yet so lacking in fruit of self-denial? May we tremble to ever minimize the completeness of the Cross of Christ. If some conclusion must come, the finished Work of the Perfect Sacrifice of the Unblemished Lamb is FULL. Yet to our eyes, like the words of John the Baptist preparing the way right before the Harvest, the fruit of repentance must be brought forth. “If” there is no fruit, the “if” may remain.

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