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Who is the Enemy?

Written on March 10, 2016

Who is the Enemy?

With so much combative clatter overhead in an election year and being disillusioned by ones of would-be virtue getting caught into the web of justifications and attacks, we sometimes have to ask ourselves: “Who really is the enemy?”

“We are brothers…” Deep down Abram(ham) and Lot embraced this. But they realized they were having a difficulty…it is with each other! Looking back, Lot had left his homeland next to Abram without even the call of God to do so. With Abram he had relocated, faced a famine, endured risks in Egypt. Together they had worshiped God. Thoroughly bonded, Abram had expressed “…we are brothers” (Gen 13:6).

Because of inner tension arising between themselves and their people, something must be done. In light of the fact that they were brothers, they would both need to cooperate to preserve the priority of their relationship. Wisely this meant separation in order to keep honoring one another. They would still defend each other as Abram did later. In recollection, Gordon MacDonald has said that separation is better than hatred. These two brethren believed this to be so.

But there was another driving force toward a unified blessing between them. Threat.”The Canaanites and Perizzites were also living in the land” (Gen 13:7). How could they possibly have a front before the REAL enemy when they were at odds with each other? Inward rotting while enemies loomed made it expedient to begin solving the inner conflict.

“Judgment begins in the house of God.” “A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.” Do we see the “Canaanites and Perizzites”?

We as His people want to sincerely exemplify a standard for the world hungering more than ever to see and hear “we are brothers/sisters” wherever our part can zealously find the necessary means of resolution. There is too much at stake right now to spend our lives in battle, but never with the real enemy.

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